IBA: An Overview

International Bible Academy was not founded by the will of men, but Dr. Murphy Akrasi was divinely instructed by God and confirmed by many Witnesses to create a Program for Spiritual Development and Ministry training for the body of Christ. An Apostolic Institute where men and women are trained to earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered to the Saints.

IBA is validated by the International Ministerial Counsel, USA. Duly registered at Supreme Court of Queens County, New York, USA

Since inception in the summer of 2011, IBA has become a Mount of Transfiguration for Christian Workers and Leaders; a place of Spiritual Revival, Encounter, and Impartation.

Why International Bible Academy?

The Christian Church depends upon informed and equipped leadership for today and tomorrow. Through the power of the Holy Spirit of God, the church is ready to evangelize and influence the world of today. By learning good biblical principles, church workers and ministers are enabled to meet the demand. Whether a short term certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma or a post graduate Diploma in Theology and Ministry.

  • We are Biblical
  • We are Fundamental
  • We are Evangelical
  • We are Pentecostal
  • We are Charismatic
  • We are Apostolic
  • We are Christ-Like
  • God is with us.

IBA is ready to teach what is needed today with sound instruction, balanced theology, with deep Spiritual insight.

Join International Bible Academy today and see how we can move you forward.